ALL: When did you blow out your irrigation system?

Last week in October
First two weeks of November
The week of Thanksgiving
After 2-3 morning frosts
Depends on the weather forecast

Update (12/4/2013)

Time for Conference Season!

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Cool November weather and a cool 2013 season

Turfgrass is dormant, and perhaps the first significant winter storm of the year is set to arrive later this week.  November and December should wrap up a fairly cool year in Missouri, with 8 of the 11 months thus far receiving below normal temperatures.  This follows a national trend, as this could be the first time in 20 years that more record low temperatures are set than record highs.  Although we received a fairly heavy spurt of rain events in the spring, overall rainfall totals for the year have leveled off and in Columbia are at 0.37” below normal as of Nov. 30th.  Turfgrass pest and disease problems also followed the pattern of a milder season, as fewer submissions were received in the diagnostic lab in 2013 than either 2011 or 2012.  This kind of year lends credence to the theme of “the best defense against disease is a non- or low-stressed turfgrass plant”.   

The Winter Conference Season Has Begun!! 

Go Mizzou football!

If you’re a fan of football, European football, and turfgrass education, then you have a great couple of days ahead of you.  The grand-daddy of conferences for the Green Industry is upon us TOMORROW - the Missouri Green Industry Conference.  The conference will kick off at 8 am at the St. Charles Convention Center for a full day of education (see schedule below).  I’ll be giving a few talks on the management of golf and sports turf diseases, and other experts will be speaking on topics ranging from insect and weed control, ornamentals, irrigation, and equipment safety and maintenance.  In addition, pesticide recertification led by Dr. Brad Fresenburg (and assisted by me) will be held during the conference, so if your three years is up this is a great opportunity to get it done and support the industry at the same time.  So if you haven’t registered yet, just walk on in tomorrow - the weather won’t be that bad…

If for some unforeseen reason you can’t make it tomorrow, several other education opportunities will abound over the next few weeks.  I’ll be at all of these events, so hope to see you there. 

These include:

I also just came back from the Kansas Turfgrass Conference in Topeka, KS and wanted to thank all of my colleagues at K-State (Drs. Dale Bremer, Ray Cloyd, Jack Fry, Jared Hoyle, Steve Keeley, and Megan Kennelly) for the opportunity to speak and participate in this wonderful event. 

To wrap up, Go Mizzou and beat Auburn!  My eyes will also be trained westward, however, as Sporting Park is hosting the MLS Cup this Saturday as well.  Good luck to Justin Bland and crew in getting ready, but from what I saw at the facility a few weeks ago I’m certain it will be a great stage for this grand event.   

    Missouri Green Industry Conference schedule

    Go Mizzou!

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